travlers pie
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let this be!

I don’t want to have these strangers touching me, pretending its you…..I need that head explosion skin melting eye blinding ear popping stomach churning fuck you fuck me, i cant believe me…I mean you maybe fuck like these blurred hands touch what you touched and its numb i feel nothing only you only us only my obsessive compulsive drive to be better for you. fuck these fucked up scenarios going through my head thinking you’ll show up and save me from myself but you weren’t here for that you were there to love and i did i did i did fuck you i should have known this would have happened on day i knew i was meant to be a fucking lunatic i am i am i am. An insomniac what the fuck is wrong with me why are you still here haunting my every fucking thought im suppose to be over you im suppose to hate you im suppose to find someone better and be happier!!! but no matter how amazing that person is they arent you….they arent you they arent they arent. im sorry ive just fucked myself over to many times and this is just another fuck i shouldnt give but i do so fuck you for not giving some fucks never checking up never saying whatsup wishing me luck facebook stalking  unintentional talking why are you gone???? fuck you fuck this as many times ive written spoken it hasnt gotten me any closer to being with you again so this is it no more thinking about your eyes your breathe you voice your sex, no more fascination no more obsession no more love no more heartache no more no more no more speaking your name its embarrassing no more thinking of how happy i once was cus its over who cares? not you! so im done please let me be done let this be true let this be let this be let this be.